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.Clinics, Doctors, Hospitals in The Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo
Emergency Medical Care Telephone Numbers
Dominican Republic Yellow Pages
When calling from the United States - Dial 809 Area Code
Centro de Otorrinolaringologia Y
27 De Febrero & Fdco. Henriquez - Carnival
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  682-0151


Private Clinic & Medical Facilities
24 Hour Emergency Service 
Laser Surgery - Cat Scan 
X-rays - Sonograph Equipment 
Centro Medico

Ave. Sabana Larga & Pdte Vasquez
Ozama - Zona Oriental
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  593-3883

Private Clinic & Medical Facilities
24 Hour Emergency Service 
New Medical Facility in the 
Zona Oriental offering complete range 
of Services 

Ambulance Service 

Hospital General
Materno Infantil
Ave. Ortega & Gasset
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  565-7477
Emergency Telephone  (809)  683-0033
Public Hospital Facility

General Medical Care with an emphasis on 
Maternity and Pediatrics 
24 Hour Emergency Service 
Ambulance Service 

Centro Medico UCE
Univeristy Hospital
Ave. Maximo Gomez & Pedro H. Urena
Near Malecon - Gasque Areas
Santo Domingo
Emergency  (809)  688-9511
   Intensive Care Unit   (809)  688-7924
General Inquiries  (809)  221-0171
Private Teaching Hospital - University

General Medical Care Facility 
24 Hour Emergency Service 
Ambulance Service

Centro Medico 
Alcantara & Gonzalez 
Ave. Ortega y Gasset & E. Fleming
La Fe -Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  566-2121
 Emergency     (809)  565-0111
Private Clinic & Medical Practice

Serving the La Fe Area 
Surgery & Gyn 

Centro de Cirugia Plastica
20 Manuel Del Castillo 
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809) 686-7290
Private Medical Practice

Plastic Surgery & General Medical Practice 
General Surgery 


Clinca - Dr. Abel Gonzalez
101 Ave. Independencia
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  682-6001
Private Medical Care Facility

24 Hour Emergency Service 
Wide Range of Medical Diciplines 

New Medical Care Center 
Ave. Lincoln - 24 Hour Service 

Centro Nefrologico Oriental

Jose Cabrera 79
Ozama - Zona Oriental
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  699-3020
 For Emergency Care
Dra. Juana Peralta Franco
Beeper  (809)  567-9551 
Then Provide message for Unidad # 9447

Private Medical Practice

Serving the Zona Oriental 
General Internal Medicine 
Dialysis - Hyper Tension

Emergency Medical Care Santo Domingo Doctors and Hospitals in the Dominican Republic