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When calling from the United States - Direct Dial 809 Area Code
Aladino Apart-Hotel
34 H. Pieter - Naco
Santo Domingo
Telephone        (809) 567-0144


Apart-Hotel Plaza Florida
203 Ave. Bolivar
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  541-3957
Apart-Hotel Drake
29 A. Laura - Corner Gustavo Mejia Ricart
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  567-4427 
Apart-Hotel Turey
8-A Gustavo Mejia Ricart
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  562-5271
Apart-Hotel Plaza Colonial
2 Luisa Ozema Pellerano
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  687-9111
Colonial Hotel
106 Duarte - Zona Colonial
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  688-4869 / 687-5535
Hotel Cervantes
202 Cervantes - Gascue
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  686-8161
Hotel Continental
(not to be confused with the InterContinetal)
16 Maximo Gomez
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  689-1151
Hotel Dominican Fiesta
Ave. Anacaona
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  562-9474
Hotel El Embajador
65 Ave. Sarasota
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  221-2131
Hotel Hispanola /
Hotel Santo Domingo
Ave. Independencia - Santo Domingo
Telephone    (809)  221-1511
Hotel Jaragua
367 Ave. George Washington
Malecon - Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  221-2222
Hotel Melia Santo Domingo
354 Ave. George Washington
Malecon - Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  221-6666
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Hotel Naco
22  Ave. Tiradentes
Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  562-3100
Hotel Napolitano
Ave. George Washington
Malecon - Santo Domingo
Telephone     (809)  476-0600
Dominican Republic
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