The Dominican Republic has been called the best kept real estate and investment secret in the entire Caribbean for American Tourists.  The fact of the matter is, Amercians make up less than 15% of tourism statistics, but European travelers have already known for many years what a great travel and real estate bargain the Dominican Republic offers. The recent July 1999 Center of Stragic and International Studies report says that the Dominican Republic is now one of the fastest growing economies in the Western Hemisphere.  Any one contemplating relocation to the Caribbean, retirement or vacation property, general real estate investments or tax free banking opportunities - needs to place the Dominican Republic at the top of the list.
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Many of our clients are excitied about the possibility of living in this wonderful Island nation.  The truth is that they should be.  Property taxes so low they are almost non-existant, wonderful Caribbean climate, modern shopping and amenities and the opportunity for tax free offshore banking make this country a paradise.  But, with all things in life, it pays to know where to look.  As mentioned in TheDominican Republic Report, some sections or areas offer much better value than others.    

It is worthwhile to note that some areas are considered to be "exclusive". 
When discussing the capital of Santo Domingo, neighborhoods such as 
Arroyo Hondo, La Julia, Naco, and Piantini will cost more both in respect to property prices and property taxes.  In addition, utility rates tend to be higher in these sections as well.  As an example of other areas, the same can be said for La Romana and the over priced tourist areas of Sosua, Puerta Plata and Cabrete.  There is nothing wrong with some of these other areas, in fact you may even prefer to live in a section that is geared towards tourists.  But, the truth is, you will not find the real hidden property bargains if you focus your seach only in such sections. 

When looking for apartments in the capital of Santo Domingo, the better values tend to be found in the more "middle-class" residential sections found in the Zona Oriental, or in sections north-west of the city, such as Hererra. 
Advertisements found in "Listin Diario" would be a good place to start, in addition to word of mouth.  Often enough, if you find an area that you like, "spread the word" through the local colmado owners that you are looking for an apartment or home rental.  You will of course need to have sufficient enough Spanish skills to do this, but you can leads on rentals this way. 

When looking for investment property or beach-front property, keep in mind the old rule about location, location, location.  To be more specific, look for areas that are not currently over run with tourists, but have the potential for growth due to government incentives.  If you are buying property that is difficult to access, you will have a property that is difficult to sell later on.  Look for areas where new airports are under construction, or are planned.  Also look for areas that the government is improving with new highway construction.  While this may sound like common sense, many people fall in love with the surroundings, but forget to think about other factors that will effect future value or re-sale opportunities.   

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