The original report offering information about real estate and apartments in the Dominican Republic,
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The Dominican Republic Report - The Report about Living, Working & Investing in The Dominican Republic
Casco Viejo - the colonial zone of Panama City 
The colonial zone of Santo Domingo
When editor Roger Gallo was asked to feature some articles about living in the Dominican Republic in his EscapeArtist magazine, the response was overwhelming. We've been deluged with email and telephone requests for further information about living in the Dominican Republic.  

~ we now have a special report on living, working, real estate bargains and investing in The Dominican Republic -  
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There are probably a handful of places in the Caribbean and Latin America that are now being called "the best kept secret," but only one of them truly is - The Dominican Republic. With less than 15% of the tourists coming from NorthAmerica, it remains the best affordable and least known destination in the Caribbean.  The excitement stems from the fact that real estate still truly remains in the bargain category.  In addition, the Dominican Republic offers a wonderful year round comfortable climate, modern communications, conveniences like cable television in English, low inflation, plus one of the fastest growing economies in all of Latin America.  Anyone considering a move or retirement in the Caribbean should put the Dominican Republic at the top of the list. 
The New Dominican Republic
The new Dominican Republic -  The best kept secret for investors in the Caribbean.  The September 21, 1998 issue of Forbes Magazine said "The Dominican Republic set out in the early 1990s to remake itself, reform its government, modernize its institutions and open its economy. Now just a few years later, a new generation of leaders has determined that the Dominican Republic can change and compete in the global economy of the 21st century" ~ Foreign direct investment has grown since 1993, from US$ 91 million to an estimated $624 million in 1997 ~ and it is still growing.  Wise investors have started to take notice.
Santo Domingo - A Modern City
Ask most Americans about the Dominican Republic, many have not heard of it.  For those that have discovered it while on vacation, many have decided to call it home.  
Whether you are looking for something different ~ like Santo Domingo's 500 year old Zona Colonial ~ The Left Bank of the Caribbean, or just a great Caribbean escape at an affordable price - The Dominican Republic is the Place.  Offshore Investors are also starting to discover the country.  Many are calling it the best investment opportunity of the new millenium.  We agree 100%. 

The lure of the Dominican Republic is not just about beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, luxurious tropical breezes and all of the other things that come to mind when conjuring images of the Caribbean.  In fact, many other places you can name do in fact offer the same.  So, what is so special about the Dominican Republic?  In short, it is still one of most affordable places for tourists and for real estate investors alike.  Tax free banking, property taxes so low they are almost non existant, the ability to live very comfortably on less than $2,000 per month ~ make the Dominican Republic the undiscovered paradise.   

The Dominican Republic offers something for everyone.  Whether you want the beach lifestyle or the cosmopolitan feel of historical Santo Domingo, you truly can have the best of everything ~ at a price you will find hard to match elsewhere in the Caribbean.  

You can order The Dominican Republic Report by John Schroder for $49.99 plus $4 shipping and handling. This report will save you thousands of dollars and prevent months of wasted time and frustration. It's got the tips and information that derive from experience. If you don't know offshore banking from offshore fishing, how to find the true bargain basement properties (not the high priced developments shown only to tourists), 
How to enjoy tax free bank account interest up to 18%, what to expect when purchasing property or making a move, then you need a guide book written especially to inform you.  This is that guide book. It's written by someone who has gone through the process of moving to the Dominican Republic and who is also an astute investor. John Schroder keeps offices in Panama City and in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. He is a former Wall Street Banker  who now assits his clients with tax free offshore investing, offshore trusts & incorporations, real estate and obtaining residency in the Dominican Republic.  He report is both informative and written with a easy to understand and comfortable style. He makes the complicated matters easy to understand, and he holds nothing back in the way of details and information.  

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