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For those that say "Life is Just a Beach".........We forgive you.
After all, it is not your fault.  You have never visited one of the most beautiful mountain regions in the entire Caribbean, so we can see why you would feel this way.  In fact, when you think of the Dominican Republic, you most likely conjure images in your mind of swaying palm trees and white powdery beaches.   You would never think about beautiful crystal clean fresh water streams, lush rolling hills and the cooling sensation of nature's own air-conditioning.  Yet here it is.....
Located about 1 1/2 hours by car from those white sand beaches you see on those inviting travel posters is Pico Duarte, the tallest mountain range in the Caribbean.  It is here you will find one of the most inviting towns to live in.....Jarabacoa.  We brought you some photos of Jarabacoa and the surrounding area so you can get an idea of what this mountain paradise is really like. 
Photos of the Beautiful Mountains surrounding Jarabacoa ~ The Dominican Republic
Some Dominicans say that this is the "Alps of the Caribbean".  Others say that God created the rest of the Earth in the first six says, and saved the seventh day for his best work ~ The Dominican Republic.  Whatever your philosophy or point of view, there is no denial that the scenery and ambiance is wonderful.  In fact, should you like the idea of living in the Caribbean, but dislike the hotter climate  closer to the beach, this is the place!  It is 1:00 PM in the afternoon, and we wish for long sleeves...
Saturday at the river sounds inviting, especially when the water temperature is cold enough to keep your canned beverages just right.  Here we see some bathers taking advantage.....And why not ?  This river is just 10 minutes from the center of town, so taking a swim is certainly convenient.
There is no shortage of water as streams are fed directly from the mountains.  In fact, the residents of Jarabacoa enjoy drinking spring water direct from the source!  The main water aqueduct that supplies the capital of Santo Domingo starts here in the mountains of Pico Duarte. 
You will find the town of Jarabacoa to be clean, quiet and very friendly.  Surrounded by mountains, many people have compared it to living in Colorado.  To be sure, it is a small town, free of traffic jams and the normal "hussle" of a big city such as Santo Domingo.  However, there are many nice small restuarants in town that even offer fresh seafood on the menu.  The Codetel office is close by, as are three banks and other local services.  For those that like it "cool & tranquil", it worth a look.
The main question on everyone's mind is of course about real estate.  What does it cost to buy or rent a home in this area?  The photos above are of a home that is currently being rented for US $ 450 per month.  We hear the owner is interested in selling for about US $ 95,000.  Should you wish to purchase land or a building lot to construct your own home, prices will vary slightly depending on the location. A brand new residential section going up near the river shown in the photos above has 200 square meter building lots for sale at about US $ 9,500.  Should you want a small garden or pool, we might suggest buying a "double lot" of 400 square meters for US $ 15,000.  All told, not a bad price for a piece of property directly inside the town itself.
In addition, there are some other gated "country club" style developments about 20 minutes outside of Jarabacoa, which are offering lots of 1,300 square meters for less than US $ 30,000.
Close by are farms selling fresh fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the cost for produce in the local supermarkets of Santo Domingo.