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Stock Exchange of the Dominican Republic
La Bolsa de Valores Republica Dominicana
stock exchange
The Stock Exchange of the Dominican Republic, or La Bolsa de Valores, came into existence from legislation that was passed in 1989, but actually did not begin formal operations until late 1991.  Since that time the exchange has enjoyed exponential growth with regards to trading volume and financial sector activities.
The primary activities of the exchange involve public sale of Commercial Paper and Bond instruments.  Many investors have become aware of the returns offered in the Dominican Republic ~ and as a result have proven their confidence by helping the exchange reach new record trading volumes since its inception.
While some investors are disappointed that equities are not currently traded on the exchange, we believe that tremendous opportunites will be available once many of the government privitization initiatives move forward
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commercial paper investments
La Bolsa De Valores ~ Republica Dominicana is certainly also one of the most progressive institutions in the Caribbean.  Plans are in the making for an electronic order entry system so the growing investor demand can be accommodated.  The exchange tells us that this new system should be on-line at years end.
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