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Provinces, Cities, Towns in the Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is divided into twenty-nine provinces or regions, and the National District ~ which is in effect the thirtieth province.  In addition, there are really two major cities in the country ~ Santo Domingo de Guzman, which is the nation's capital and most heavily populated city ~ Santiago de Los Caballeros, the second largest city located in the northwest portion of the country, close to what can be called the nation's "tobacco region".
The Provinces of the Dominican Republic ~
Capitals of each Province and Major Towns

AZUA ~ Located directly west of the capital, Azua's coastline is on the southern or Caribbean sea side of the country 

Capital City:        Azua 

Major Towns: Estebania, Las Charcas, Padre Las Casas, Peralta, Sabana Yegua, Tabara Arriba, Yamas de Viajama 

BAORUCO ~ Located in the western part of the country, this province is land locked and situated close to the border with Haiti. 

Capital City:        Neiba 

Major Towns: Galvan, Los Rios, Postrer Rio, Villa Jaragua 

BARAHONA ~ Located in the southwest portion of the country, Barahona borders the Caribbean Sea and has been an area that the government has slated for future tourist development. An airport capable of handling International Jumbo jets sits idle in Barahona, awaiting new tourist traffic. 

Capital City:        Barahona 

Major Towns: Cabral, El Penon, Enriquillo, Las Salinas, Paraiso 

DAJABON ~ Located in the northwest corner of the country, bordering Haiti and the Monti Cristi district 

Capital City:        Dajabon 

Major Towns: Loma de Cabrera, Partido, Restauracion 

DISTRITO NACIONAL ~ The capital district of the country, located on the southern costaline.  Aside from being the home to the nation's capital city, The city of Haina - a major sea port and point of entry for many automobiles and other goods entering the country, is also located within the National District 

Capital City:        Santo Domingo (de Guzman) 

Neigborhoods or subdivisions of Santo Domingo

Within the city proper ~ West of the river Ozama ~ Close to business districts and government offices: 

Arroyo Hondo, Bella Vista, Ciudad Colonial or Zona Colonial, Ciudad Universitaria, El Cacique, Gazcue, Herrera, Honduras del Norte, Julieta Morales, La Fe, La Julia, Los Millones, Los Prados, Los Restauradores, Luperon, Mirador Norte, Naco, Paraiso, Piantini, Quisqueya. 

East of the River Ozama ~ La Zona Oriental and other sections heading east towards Las Americas Airport and Boca Chica: 

Alma Rosa, Cancino, Charles de Gaul or "Charlie", Isabelita, Faro A Colon, Las Americas, Los Mameyes, Los Mina Norte, Los Mina Sur, Los Tres Ojos, Los Trinitarios, Mendoza, Villa Duarte, Villa Faro, San Souci     
Other Areas Part of the Nactional District include:  
Boca Chica Beach & Las Americas International Airport 

DUARTE ~ A landlocked province in the northeast.  A section of Duarte borders the Samana province.  

Capital City:        San Francisco de Marcoris 

Major Towns: Arenoso, Castillo, Las Guaranas, Pimentel 

ELIAS PINA ~ Located almost equidistant from both coastlines, bordering Haiti. 

Capital City:        Comendador 

Major Towns: Banica, El Llano, Hondo Valle, Pedro Santana 

EL SEIBO ~ Located in the northeast corner of the country, southeast from Samana Peinsula. 

Capital City:        El Seibo 

Major Towns:  Miches (Playa Miches) 

ESPAILLAT ~ Located on the northern coastline, bordering the Puerto Plata district. 

Capital City:        Moca 

Major Towns: Gaspar Hernandez, Jamao al Norte, Jose Contreras, Rio San Juan, San Victor 

HATO MAYOR ~ Located on the eastern portion of the country, Hato Mayor shares the Bay of Samana with it's  neighbor directly due north, Samana. 

Capital City:        Hato Mayor 

Major Towns: El Valle, Sabana de La Mar 

INDEPENDENCIA ~ Located northwest and bordering Barahona, Independencia is the home of the largest inland lake of the country ~ Lago Enriquillo & The Nacional Park Isla Cabritos.  A major portion of Independencia also border the southern section of Haiti. 

Capital City:        Jimani 

Major Towns:  Duverge, La Descubierta, Mella 

LA ALTAGRACIA ~ Located on the south-eastern portion of the country, La Altagracia is home to two national parks, the famous Punta Cana resort area, and Isla Saona. 

Capital City:        Higuey 

Major Towns:  Nisibon, Punta Cana, San Rafael de Yuma 

LA ROMANA ~ Bordering La Altagracia and the Caribbean Sea, La Romana is home to the famous Casa De Campo tourist resort ~ which includes the popular tourist attraction Altos de Chavon. 

Capital City:        Romana 

Major Towns:  Guaymate 

LA VEGA ~ Located in just about the center of the country, La Vega is located in what can be called "Mountain Country". The Constanza section of La Vega is known for cooler temperatures and production of cold weather fruits, such as apples. Along with the San Juan district, La Vega offers some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the country. 

Capital City:        La Vega 

Major Towns:  Constanza, Jarabacoa, Jima Abajo 

MARIA TRINIDAD SANCHEZ ~ Located on the northern coast, east of Puerto Plata and bordering Samana ~ this province hosts a national park and the sea side resort town of Cabrera. 

Capital City:        Nagua 

Major Towns:  Cabrera, El Factor 

MONSENOR NOUEL ~ Located in truly the center of the country, Monsenor Nouel borders La Vega and also features mountainous terrain and cooler termperatures. 

Capital City:        Bonao 

MONTE CRISTI ~ Located in the far northwest corner, bordering Puerto Plata and the Atlantic Ocean, Monte Cristi will remind travelers more of Aruba than anyplace else.  Drier climate and cactus are prominent features of this part of the country. 

Capital City:        Monte Cristi 

Major Towns:  Castanuelas, Guayubin, Las Matas de Santa Cruz, Pepillo Salcedo, Villa Vazquez 

MONTE PLATA ~ The Monte Plata province is directly due north of Santo Domingo and the National District.  While the province is land locked, it does boast two small mountain ranges, and the beautiful Los Haitises National Park. 

Capital City:        Monte Plata 

Major Towns:  Bayaguana, Don Juan, Esperalvillo, Sabana Grande de Boya and Yamasa. 

PEDERNALES ~ Located in the southern most point of the country, Pedernales is home to the Jaragua National Park, Isla Beata and Isla Alto Velo.  Playa Larga is one of the largest single strech of beaches that has been designated for tourist development by the government. 

Capital City:        Pedernales 

Major Towns:  Oviedo 

PERAVIA ~ Stretching from La Vega down to the Caribbean coastline, Peravia is home to two small mountain ranges in the north and the beautiful beaches of Las Salinas. 

Capital City:        Bani 

Major Towns:  Don Gregono, Mantanzas, Nizao, Rancho Arriba, Sabana Buey, Sabana Larga, San Jose de Ocoa 

PUERTO PLATA ~ Tourists are well versed with this Atlantic Ocean coast province,  as it is home to numerous resorts, and the beach front towns of Puerto Plata and Sosua.   

Capital City:        Puerto Plata 

Major Towns:  Altamira, Guananico, Imbert, La Isabela, Los Hidalgos, Luperon and Sosua 

SALCEDO ~ The tiny province of Salcedo is neatly nestled between Espaillat, La Vega, and Duarte. Although smaller than it's other north coast neighbors, Salcedo is an important link as an intersection point for the highway system. 

Capital City:        Salcedo 

Major Towns:  Tenares, Villa Tapia 

SANCHEZ RAMIREZ ~ Landlocked between the provinces of La Vega, Duarte, Monte Plata and Monsenor Nouel ~ This beautiful province boasts two very large fresh water lakes, with fresh water fishing as a major attraction. 

Capital City:        Cotui 

Major Towns:  Cevicos, Fantino, La Cueva, La Mata 

SAN CRISTOBAL ~ Directly due west of Santo Domingo, this province runs parallel to Peravia - and stretches from the Bonao area on down to the Caribbean coast.  Autopista Duarte or Route 1, connecting Santo Domingo with Santiago, runs through the northern portion of San Cristobal. 

Capital City:        San Cristobal 

Major Towns:  Cambita Garabito, Sabana Grande de Palenque, Sabana Palenque, Villa Altagracia, Yaguate 

SAN JUAN ~ One of the larger provinces, this is true mountain country.  San Juan province is home to Pico Duarte, the highest mountain range in the Caribbean.  Located in the western portion of the country, just south of Santiago, it is also home to Jose Del Carmen Ramirez National Park. 

Capital City:        San Juan 

Major Towns:  Bohechio, El Cercado, Juan Herrera, Las Matas de Farfan and Vallejuelo 

SAN PEDRO DE MARCORIS ~ This Caribbean coastline province is nestled between the National District and La Romana.  Although historically known as an area with a  major fishing industry, Baseball legend Sammy Sosa has also made this a well known province.  The San Pedro de Marcoris province is also home to the well known Juan Dolio resort area. 

Capital City:        San Pedro de Marcoris 

Major Towns:  Los LLanos, Quisqueya, Ramon Santana 

SANTIAGO ~ This large province directly south of Puerto Plata is home to the Dominican Republic's tobacco and cigar industry.  In addition, the province capital Santiago de los Caballeros is often called the Dominican Republic's second city. 

Capital City:        Santiago (de los caballeros) 

Major Towns:  Janico, Navarette, San Jose de Los Matas, Tamboril and Villa Gonzalez 

SANTIAGO RODRIGUEZ ~ This province is located directly due west of Santigo and south of Monte Cristi. 

Capital City:        Sabaneta 

Major Towns:  Almacigos, Moncion 

VALVERDE ~ Nestled between Santiago, Puerto Plata, Monte Cristi and Santiago Rodriguez, this tiny province is only slightly larger than Salcedo.  Like Salecedo, it connects it's much larger neighbors together. 

Capital City:        Mao 

Major Towns:  Espernaza, Laguna Salada

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