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The Dominican Republic
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BankBanks in the Dominican Republic

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Banking Introductions & Assistance
Incorporation Services
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
TEL. 809-334-5387
TEL. 809-756-1917


Main Branch
Ave. Sarasota # 27
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809) 535-6069
Banco Atlas Cumbres
Ave. Tiradentes &
Ave. Roberto Pastoriza
Tel. (809) 547-9000
Asociacion de Ahorros y Prestamos
Main Branch 
Ave. 27 de Febrero & Maximo Gomez
Santo Domingo
Telephone: (809)  689-0171
Banco Mercantil
Main Branch
303 Roberto Pastoriza
Santo Domingo
Telephone:  (809)  567-4444
Banco Del Progresso
Main Branch
3 Ave. John F. Kennedy
Santo Domingo
Telephone:  (809)  563-3233
Banco BHD 
Main Branch
Ave. Winston Churchill & Ave. 27 de Febrero
Santo Domingo
Telephone: (809)  243-3232
Banco Nacional De La Vivienda
Main Branch
53 Ave. Tiradentes
Santo Domingo
Telephone:  (809)  565-6621
Banco Popular
Main Branch
20  Ave. John F. Kennedy 
Santo Domingo
Telephone: (809)  544-8000
Banco de
La Pequena Impressa

Main Branch
233 Ave. Bolivar
Santo Domingo
Telephone:  (809)  508-3144
Banco Santa Cruz
Ave. 27 de Febrero #49
Tel. (809) 724-2222

Ave. Wiston Churchill
Plaza Acropolis
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809)  955-2601
Main Branch
Isabel La Catolica # 201
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809) 960-2000
Scotia Bank
Main Branch
Ave. John F.Kennedy & Ave. Lope De Vega
Santo Domingo
Telephone:  (809)  544-1700
Banco Vimenca
Abraham Lincoln # 306
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809) 532-9797

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