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BankAirlines that Service the Dominican Republic
Direct Service From New York, Miami and San Juan Puerto Rico
American Airlines
Ave. Winston Churchill & M.H. Urena
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809)  542-5151
Las Americas Airport
Tel.  (809)  549-0266
Direct Service to Curacao from Santo Domingo
ALM Antillana
 28 L. Navarro
 Santo Domingo
Tel. (809)  682-3171
Las Americas Airport
Tel. (809)  549-1029
Direct Service From Newark Airport / NY City to Santo Domingo
Direct Service to Panama from Santo Domingo and service throughout Central - South America
Continental Airlines&
COPA Airlines
Ave. 27 de Febrero & Ave. Tiradentes
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809)  472-2672
Tel. (809)  472-2233
Las Americas Airport
Tel. (809)  549-0757
Tel. (809)  549-0382

Direct Service to Havana and Santiago, Cuba from Santo Domingo 

Check with Airlines as Flights are only twice per week 

Cubana Airlines
Ave. Tiradentes
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809)  227-2040
Direct Service from Santo Domingo to 
Madrid - Spain 
IBERIA Airlines
Ave. Lope de Vega 
near Ave. J. F. Kennedy
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809) 508-0288
Direct Service to Munich Germany with  connections to the rest of Europe
Lufthansa / Condor
353 Ave. George Washington
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809)  689-9625
  Tel. (809)  682-8133
Direct Service to Amsterdam - Holland 

Service from Puerto Plata & Punta Cana

MartinAir Holland
  Ave. Maximo Gomez & J.S. Ramirez
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809)  540-5343
Direct Weekly Service to Chile from Punta Cana
Direct Service from Miami to Santo Domingo

Lan Dominicana
Ave. G. Washington #353
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809) 689-2116
Tel. (809) 689-2221
Daily Direct Service Between Herrera & Las Americas (Santo Domingo) and Punta Cana
Aero Domca
Herrera Airport
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809) 567-1195
Tel. (809) 567-1984
Direct Service Between Santo Domingo and Punta Cana - Paris, France
Air France
Ave. Maximo Gomez # 15
Santo Domingo
Tel. (809) 686-8432
Las Americas Airport
Tel. (809) 549-0309
Punta Cana Airport
Tel. (809) 959-3002

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